Singapore United Arowana Farm (SUAF)

Singapore does not have any natural rivers. Astonishingly, Singapore was the first country to successfully breed the Asian arowana in captivity in 1981 – by the Ornamental Fish Section of Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). Singapore was the first country to receive full accreditations under CITES to trade in all varieties of captive-bred second filial generation (F­2) Asian arowana in 1994, thus making Singapore the only country able to breed Asian arowana successfully for commercial requirement. Since AVA has done its part in the R&D of Asian arowana, the continuation of breeding high quality Asian arowana now falls upon Singapore arowana breeders as this is no longer under the purview of AVA.

The SUAF is a grouping of arowana breeders with clear intention of achieving and upholding the lofty goal of positioning Singapore as:


To make Singapore the world class producer of Asian Arowana and the preeminent destination for arowana acquisition.


To produce the full range of captive bred Asian Arowana of the highest quality through stringent selection of breeding stock, and meticulous attention to details during grooming stage so as to bring out the best genetic characteristics inherent in the brooders.


United in our beliefs in fairness, integrity and honesty.

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